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Welcome to Apocalypse Now, the all-around best resource for surviving after the world ends. Peruse our articles and stories to your heart's content! The Council wishes you good fortune.

These are some of our wiki articles:

Here is an article that goes into detail about all sorts of zombies:

It covers a multitude of topics from identifying zombies to whether you might survive against them and how they came to be. It's interesting, entertaining, and fairly informative.

Here is a short story written by one of our admins on an interesting take on a zombie virus:

Hidden Death: Part I
It is written in the point of view of one the infected as a journal style book. The zombie, as it begins to develop its hunger for human flesh, understands what it's doing is wrong and recognizes that it is hurting people.

Here is a page that will be useful even if you don't plan on being in any apocalypses:

Survival Tips
While it includes some information that will only help in the apocalypse, many of its tips are useful in any survival situation and it's worth taking a look at nevertheless.

Here is another article that could be practical in many situations:

First Aid
This can be helpful in lots of everyday situations, including getting a papercut. Arguably, it is something everyone should have at least a little knowledge in, just in case.

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