Resource Protocol


  1. Always collect canned and dry-goods first
  2. Preserve perishables next
  3. Eat what is about to go bad soon
  4. Eat only what you need, and no more (unless it will definitely go bad immediately—then it's better to eat it rather than waste it)
  5. Make sure food is good before eating it
  6. Always cook meat until you know it won't hurt you
  7. Insects are protein


  1. Gather as much water as you possibly can in as many containers as you can as soon as possible
  2. Only drink when you need to, water will not go bad and it will be needed for cooking, etc.
  3. Use bad/diseased water on stuff you won't be consuming (like, if you don't have any injuries, maybe bathing)
  4. If you dig a hole in the sand on a beach, the water will filter through the sand and become drinkable
  5. Evaporation also cleans water, you just have to wait


  1. Make sure to stockpile any pills you have and don't let people use them unless they absolutely need to
  2. It is good to have an excess of EpiPens during the apocalypse, just in case
  3. It is a valid strategy to stockpile alcoholic drinks because they can stifle pain
  4. Do NOT drink alcohol to raise your body temperature; it actually lowers your body temperature and could kill you
  5. Make sure to identify every single pill, shot, and liquid you've got, just in case
  6. Bandaids and Neosporin-you do not want to die of infection


  1. Despite being slightly awkward, if you have a girl with you, you absolutely must stockpile tampons/pads
  2. It's a good idea to stock up on any sort of paper or towels because they are useful in many situations
  3. You need soap. It can help disinfect wounds, and some people need to feel clean.
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