First Aid

First aid will be important in the apocalypse, because, let's be realistic, you will definitely get hurt at some point during the apocalypse, no matter which one it is. In case you aren't a doctor, or a boy scout, here are some tips.

  • Whenever you are raiding buildings, be sure to look for first aid kits. If you encounter an abandoned hospital or pharmacy, and the apocalypse is not viral/bacterial/fungal/illness based in general, go inside to see what you can find. Look for disinfectants, first aid kits, painkillers, cough syrup, inhalers (in case one of you is asthmatic), epi-pens (if anyone has any allergies), etc… The same is applicable if you are raiding an abandoned house—be sure to check the medicine cabinets.
  • Find hand sanitizer and disinfectant, and stock up on it. ANY way to kill bacteria will be useful, especially if you have to eat on the go, or don't have access to running water.
  • Be on the lookout for water purifier. If you can't find one, go old fashioned and stock up on hard liquor and wine, as the alcohol will kill off bacteria in your water.
  • On that note, keep liquor on hand all the time. It can be used for bartering, diplomacy, water purification, and, if it is a high enough grade (i.e. vodka or moonshine) it can be used to clean wounds (assuming no other disinfectant is available). It also can be used to numb pain in emergencies, such as stitching a wound, etc…
  • If someone near you has a seizure, DO NOT hold them down. Instead, roll them on their side and put a sweatshirt/something soft to support their neck/head. This will prevent head injury and stop them from choking on their vomit.
  • Check for another person's pulse through putting your pointer and middle finger together, and placing it on their wrist or lymph nodes. DON'T use your thumb, as it can give you a false pulse.
  • Hold cuts above your heart level.
  • Learn how to make a tourniquet.
  • People don't think about this, but if you take medication for mental health such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, anti psychotics, etc… always try to search for them in buildings. Your brain will be reliant on them, as taking them in the first case causes less neurotransmitters to be produced in your brain. That being said, not having them can have disastrous effects.
  • If you are stabbed, don't pull the knife out right away, as it can cause more damage to your body, and the knife can prevent you from having major blood loss. Take it out at a reasonable time, when you have access to supplies or have help from other people.
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