Hidden Death: Part II

The day his world ended started like any other.

He got up to his blaring alarm, made his bed, and went downstairs to make breakfast.

He had been doing an experiment for a while. The scientist within him wanted to test the extent of human will. He stayed inside until he could no longer bear to not have contact with the outside world. He kept his blinds drawn and did not use the internet or watch live television for a few days. He read books and write-ups of similar experiments performed on people. Despite being an engineer, he had always been interested in the human mind and psyche.

The experiment did not work well on him. He had been perfectly fine with staying inside and alone for over a month. He had groceries delivered to his door and only opened letters that looked like bills.

Today was the day he was going back outside.

First, he opened his blinds, but the light hurt his eyes and he looked away and closed them again. He took a few breaths, built up his courage, and opened up the door to a sight he would never forget.

He thought back to what he knew had led to this, memories that he’d blocked out of his brain.

It was any normal day working in his laboratory on his almost perfected serum that would make the United States of America invincible. His secretary, Josie, brought her son to work that day, despite knowing the sort of weapons that were built there. The kid ran around and did whatever he wanted, knocking things down and having a grand old time, until somehow he got into my laboratory.

The kid, stupid as he was, picked up a vial of the serum and drank it. Stupid kid. He didn’t know it at the time. He was analyzing a sample with his back turned, trying to find the strain of bacteria that caused the strange mutations. When he turned back, all he saw was the child convulsing on the floor and an empty vial. He was terrified.

At that moment, Josie ran in and took her child away, apologizing profusely. Josie was a terrible mother. And that kid, he was the beginning of the end of the world.

The serum was the most destructive biochemical weapon that had ever existed. It killed people randomly after a month or two of contracting it, and anyone infected would occasionally bite another person to pass on the disease and keep it alive until the humans were dead.

Unfortunately, the serum also had a major side effectwhat the doctor had been working on getting rid of when that kid drank his serum.
Any person who contracted the disease
as the doctor had nicknamed Poena Mortis (latin for death penalty)—would develop an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Other than that, the people seemed absolutely normal and stayed lucid and conscious as they watched themselves become monsters, ripping apart anyone in their path and consuming every last bit of their body they could.

It was a disturbing and sick disease that broke people and drove them mad, and he had inadvertently fed it to a small child.

His mind comes back to the present, registering the scene in front of him. There are human bones scattered everywhere, houses are wrecked, and nothing seems right. The only place that had survived the horror was his ugly steel house-laboratory, now the most beautiful building on the street.

His last thought before he was tackled by a victim of Poena Mortis was, “This is all my fault.”

T.O.D. : 09:34 23 March 2121

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