Winning the Zombie War

Be Realistic:

Should you ever find yourself in charge of a powerful, well equipped and trained military force, this article should be of great help to you. If you do not possess such a force and lack the means of obtaining one, this guide may be more applicable. Even with significant military support, zombies are a serious threat due to their ability to reporduce and march endlessly against an opposing force. The following tips are meant to maximize your chances against the undead and prevent you from going down in history as 'the guy who screwed up'.

STEP 1: Restructuring and Retraining

Any respectable military group should be well trained in a variety of tactics optimized in the fight against other humans. Against non-human combatants, such training is a liability. Historical precedent suggests that the application of ordinary war stratagems to extraordinary threats yields less desirable outcomes. To see why this might be the case for a zombie war, one needs to look no further than aim training.

Aiming and Fire Direction

Most military and para-military groups train their soldiers to aim at the center-mass of their targets. Striking the chest area of a human combatant balances lethality with ease of targeting and is fair training against most ordinary targets. Against zombies, an AK-47 round would not have the desired effect[citation needed]. In order to conserve ammunition and dignity, we suggest that soldiers aim for the legs. Modern assault weapons throw projectiles with enough kinetic energy to destroy muscles, ligaments, and bone that is necessary human for locomotion. Even if hits to the legs do not kill zombies, they will remove their ability to run or walk. Against large masses of the undead, reducing their front lines to a crawl has the additional impact of slowing down zombies further back. While shots to the head are needed to dispatch zombies, hitting a small target like the head in the heat of battle is incredibly difficult. Attempting to make every shot a head shot is ultimately counter productive and makes a group vulnerable to large swarms.

Resource Allocation

Infantry is not the most efficient tool against large swarms of zombies. With only small arms and rifles, soldiers have very little ability to stop a significant mass of zombies. The true use of infantry (and most conventional forces) lies in shaping the flow and changing the direction of hoards of zombies. On an open field where zombies how no barriers in reaching defending forces, survival (never mind success), is unlikely. To have chance at victory, geography and artificial barriers must be leveraged to group zombies together. In light of this information, we advise against 'free-combat'. Encounters should be specifically planned so that humans are at the advantage. To actually kill large groups of zombies, explosives are the most desirable supplies. 'Modern small-arms fire and even artillery rounds are made for precision strikes against small targets. Such measures are ineffective in a zombie war.

Use of Explosives and Grouping

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