Zombies are humanoid creatures that are created through the infection of a human with the [BLANK] virus. The virus infiltrates the nervous system and binds itself to the host’s DNA, altering physiology, psychology, and genome. Common changes in hosts include but are not limited to increased aggression, weakened immune system, and bursts of strength.

This zombie infection does not have to be any sort of virus, however. It could also be a parasite (which there are a number of), a genetic mutation, or a disease of some sort that is not virile. It may also be a fungus, or most likely, a prion.

Humans who are infected by the original virus (‘first generation’ zombies) exhibit only moderate behavioral changes. Those who are infected by a first generation zombie, however, often manifest far more unpredictable changes (see experiment 746 notes).

There are many ways to get infected. The most common of these is to get bitten. Sometimes the infection is spread through bodily fluids, sometimes it's airborne, and sometimes the victim must ingest it in some way (as in, it's in the water, food or medicine they take). Sometimes scratches may also suffice to make the victim contract the virus.

There are also many types of zombies. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it will prove helpful to identify the zombies' abilities. First, figure out whether the zombies can run, climb, swim, jump, or move in other unorthodox ways for zombies. Once you know this, you can use it to your advantage (i.e. build your base in a tree if they can't climb, or build a moat around it if they can't swim). Make sure that you know what attracts them (sight, heat signatures, movement, sound smell, etc.).

The next thing to identify is how they infect people as written above. This will help to make sure none of your friends/team members are infected. If the virus is airborne, you might as well give up if you aren't already a zombie.

Another trait to identify is whether they can still either speak or understand human speech. If they can, it's possible you can use that against them, and it means there's a better chance of finding a cure.

Something that would obviously be useful to know is how to kill/disable them to the point where they can no longer hurt people (but make sure not to touch their disabled/dead bodies). It's always a good idea to aim for the brain first, but if that doesn't work you'll need to do some experimenting. To do this effectively, try and lure one or a small group into a private area and kill them slowly, one by one, seeing which methods work best.

Traps to slow them down would be useful, such as ropes strung randomly between two sides of an entrance or pits that could be filled with oil and set on fire.

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